(SP) – Kevin Durant has missed Golden State’s last two playoff games to injury, but the team is confident he will be 100-percent in time to participate in the team’s championship parade in June.

“From a purely basketball sense, we don’t need him out there, obviously,” said Draymond Green. “But he’s never been a part of a championship celebration, so I’m sure he wants to ride along with us during the parade.”

The Warriors have dominated Portland in Durant’s absence — similar to how the team won 13 games in a row without him during March and April — fueling talk that the team is just as good, if not better, without the former Oklahoma City Thunder star. But Steph Curry has downplayed that idea.

“Look, Kevin is a very important guy for us,” said Curry. “For example, the other day I needed to get something down off of a high shelf and instead of having to grab a step stool, KD reached up and got it for me. That was great. What if I had fallen off the step stool and sprained my ankle? The team could be in real trouble.”

Durant says he’s excited to get back on the court.

“The training staff keeps telling me my calf is still tender and needs rest even though it doesn’t hurt me at all,” said Durant. “I guess I’ll have to trust their medical expertise on this one.”