(SP) – According to multiple reports, Pitt basketball head coach Kevin Stallings was recorded on federal wiretaps offering numerous people large sums of money if they would attend a single Pitt basketball game.

Sources say the FBI began investigating Stallings over reports that he was stealing more than a million dollars a year from the University of Pittsburgh and, in the process of that investigation, uncovered the coach’s attempted bribes.

“He asked random passersby in the street, former Pitt season ticket holders, even his secretary and the school’s athletics director to simply attend a Pitt basketball game and stay for the entire thing in exchange for $100,000 in cash” said a person with knowledge of the investigation. “Yet they all turned him down.”

It is not clear yet if the FBI will charge Stalling with a crime for his actions, only that FBI agents found his behavior “pretty hilarious.”

”He’s kind of a national laughingstock,” said one FBI source. “Putting him in jail isn’t necessary. He’s been disgraced enough already.”

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