Since the NFL came to be nearly a hundred years ago, it has gone on to be the most popular football league in America and has some of the most-watched sports games in the world. The face-paced action of the game and the consistent display of impressive abilities among players are high on the list of reasons for its popularity.

NFL players have to constantly go through rigorous and structured training, both physically and mentally to ensure they are able to stay on top of their game. Of course, every player is essential to the team, but it is accepted that the quarterback is the most important; it is an offensive position, and they often have to make the biggest and most timely decisions and manage the gameplay more than the others. The league is full of some top-class quarterbacks, although there are 4 that really stand out.

  1. Tom Brady

You cannot have a conversation about the NFL without Tom Brady name popping up, he was drafted to play for the New England Patriots in 2000 and has been with them ever since. Brady is considered one of the best picks ever to be made by a team, and his talents on the field have been undeniable since the beginning. His ratio of touchdown to interception is great, his decisiveness is paramount to his play, and he has achieved more than most during his career so far, most notably winning six of the nine Super Bowls he has played in, a record which will be hard for anyone to beat. Even though he might not be the highest-paid quarterback, earning about $15 million a year, his reputation is certainly one of the highest.

  1. Patrick Mahomes

At the young age of 23, with only two years of experience in professional football, you may not expect Mahomes to make the list. He has, however, quickly come to be a memorable and reliable player, joining the recording holding ranks of the likes of Manning and Brady when he threw more than fifty touchdown passes in a single season. He is a strong player against his opponents, regardless of their tactics, and like all great quarterbacks, his quick thinking and accurate passing make him difficult to beat. In the two years that Mahomes has played for the Kansas City Chiefs, he has managed to get the Most Valuable Player award in 2018, and placed 4th in the top 100 players in the NFL in 2019, among other awards, making him more than deserving of a place in our list. Don’t bet against him during his second full season in the league, and if you believe like many other people do, maybe throw down some money on his MVP chances at Online Sportsbooks Bonuses. He is already on pace for over 6,000 yards and 50 TD’s, which would easily be the most impressive Quarterbacking season in history!

  1. Aaron Rodgers

Earning roughly $20 million a year, Rodgers doesn’t come cheap; fortunately, he is worth the money. Rodgers has played football since college and signed to the Green Bay Packers in 2005, where he has remained since. During his career, he has earned many accolades, including Super Bowl Champion, Super Bowl MVP, and NFL MVP in 2011 and 2014. Rodgers is particularly known for his almighty arm strength and accuracy, making him one of the most impressive passers in the game’s history, couple this with his efficiency inside and outside the pocket, and you have a quarterback who is formidable, to say the least.

  1. Drew Brees

Brees had a triumphant football career at Purdue college, he then went on to join the San Diego Chargers in 2001. and transferred to the New Orleans Saints in 2006. where he currently still plays. In 2018. Brees signed a two-year contract worth $50 million, but given that he has a list as long as your arm of awards he has won, or records he has broken; including Super Bowl Champion and MVP, NFL Offensive Player of the Year twice, and NFL Passing Touchdowns Leader four times, he is an excellent investment. Brees continually displays a high level of control and faultless passing, he is quick natured, frequently seems to be one step ahead of his opponents, and is fantastic to watch. It is unfortunate that he got injured this year for the first time in many seasons, but look for him to bounce back strong later this year.