SportsPickle is an independent site that is not funded by George Soros OR the Koch Brothers. Sad!

But thanks to support from its generous readers, SP was able to re-launch in February 2017 … and the site is always happy and #blessed to accept additional funding to help it keep growing. In fact, SP is not above bribing its wise and beautiful and readers, who are the envy of all who know them, in order to get that money. Funding levels (and rewards) are below …

SP Funding 

$1–5: You think SportsPickle is as good as a cup of coffee. Thanks! Coffee is good and it’s pretty cool you feel the same about this site!

$6–10: You think SportsPickle is as good as one (1) high-end beer. Fancy! Thanks!

$11–24: You think SportsPickle content is worth the cost of about one book. What is a book? They were things that existed in olden times and were pretty great … although not as great as your generosity.

$25–50: Thanks! If you give this amount, and leave your Twitter handle along with your payment, SportsPickle will slide into your DMs and tell you that you’re ELITE. Also, if you leave your mailing address, you will receive you very own ELITE Reader Card in the mail. This credit card-quality card is not an actual credit card and can’t pay for anything … or can it? You can’t know unless you try.

$51–99: If you fund this amount (and leave your mailing address), you will receive the official ELITE Reader Card and get the DM slide. In addition, any question you have about anything in the world will be featured in one of the first episodes of the upcoming EliteCast: the first-ever sports podcast in the entire world.

$100-$1 million: You get the ELITE reader card, the DM slide AND you get a guest appearance on the EliteCast to share your hottest sports take or dumbest sports opinion.

$1,000,001 or more: You get all of the above AND one (1) upper deck ticket to a San Diego Padres game.

Click here and let the blessings of charity wash over you …