Hi. How are you?

So remember a few months ago when SportsPickle almost died? You may have noticed over the past few weeks that the site is actually quite alive. In fact, SP has been publishing as much as it ever has and there’s more on the way. Hooray! (Also: #blessed.)

What else is new outside of the site’s second life? Quite a bit.

  • Re-design – SP is now on the same platform as Awful Announcing and The Comeback. Thank you to Ben Koo and the whole team over there for making the transition so easy.
  • New content – In addition to the standard (very real!) news pieces, written content is diversifying on the site — some examples here and here — and SP is also moving into …
  • Original videoHere is what there has been so far. Plenty more is in the works.
  • New writersHere is a new writer. Here is another one.  Here is one where all of you unknowingly wrote a piece, you FOOLS! Here there will be even more (there’s no link to click on that one because you can’t click into the future, dummy).

What else is in the works?

  • A PODCAST! – By a large margin, you all said you wanted one, nearly 300 people applied to be the co-host … and the first episode is on its way very soon. It has a name and everything: The EliteCast.

Now that SP has relaunched on the new platform, getting The EliteCast — the FIRST podcast about sports EVER made! — up and running is the next top priority. You can follow @TheEliteCast on Twitter for updates. But the debut will also be announced on SportsPickle, of course, for maximum podcast #brand #exposure.

  • A NEWSLETTER! – Okay, maybe not as exciting as the world’s first sports podcast and therefore not deserving of the ALL CAPS treatment, but some people like a good e-mail newsletter. If you are such a person, you can sign up for the SportsPickle Newsletter HERE.  You will get e-mails twice a week — no more (promise) — with some of the content you may have missed and other possibly amazing features.  It will be one of the greatest decisions of your life, possibly.
  • Other stuff that is … good – All of the above are things that have happened or things that are promised to happen. “But are there other things?” you ask. Yes. Yes, there are other things. Things that are quite promising, but things that can’t yet be promised in case other things prevent those things from happening. But more good things are planned. Know that if you know nothing else.

Now the most important part (outside of the site still existing, imo) … 


SP had an uncertain future. Your funding support and warm hugs (that occasionally lingered a bit too long and bordered on creepy if I’m being completely honest) made the future a lot more certain. Whether it was simple human generosity or your intense desire to get an ELITE Reader Card, you came through. Thank you.

And, yes, the ELITE Reader Cards are finally being printed and will be mailed out as soon as they arrive at SP’s sprawling campus headquarters.

Also, anyone who still wants to help fund SP is very much welcome to do so. While SP is undoubtedly ELITE, the media landscape for any organization not tied to a large corporation still sucks worse than Joe Flacco on a day refs aren’t calling pass interference. Even a $1 donation is great, but know that The ELITE Reader Card remains available for anyone who gives $25 or more.

And larger donations net the ELITE Reader Card and guest appearances on The EliteCast to share your hottest sports take with millions and or hundreds of people worldwide. All donation/bribery info is HERE. Thanks.

So concludes the State of the Pickle. Happy to still be alive. Happy to still make bad jokes and share garbage opinions. Whatever happens from here is on you. You made this happen.

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