(SP) – Bob Stoops has decided to retire from Oklahoma, prompting Oklahoma City guard Russell Westbrook to sound off on the football coach as a “quitter” and a “traitor to the state.”

“Obviously, I’m not surprised anymore when you find out you can’t count on someone,” said Westbrook. “It’s obviously been a big year for that here. But I had hoped Stoops would at least honor his commitment to the people of this state who supported him for so long and not just quit whenever he felt like it. It’s pretty pathetic.”

The Thunder star said he would “exact revenge” on Stoops for leaving at the “hour of my choosing.”

Stoops said he was “surprised” and “a bit terrified” to find out Westbrook is angry with him.

“I’m just a 56-year old man who wants to retire,” said a clearly worried Stoops. “This is not anything against the state of Oklahoma and definitely nothing personal against Mr. Westbrook. I had no idea he would feel this way. He really holds grudges, huh? But, please … please, can someone tell him I didn’t mean anything by it and ask him not to destroy me? I figure he was a UCLA guy. Please don’t let him hurt me.”

But Westbrook does not seem to have gotten the message. Today he was spotted wearing an outfit made out of a body bag, with his head topped by an Oklahoma visor.

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