(SP) – Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green showed he’s more than just trash talk and cheap shots today when he took time out of his day to kick a sick child square in the crotch. Green went to the Children’s Hospital of Oakland where he kicked a 7-year old boy directly in the testicles with all of his force.

“Sometime you just want to give back,” said Green. “And this kid had a dream of meeting me so I went to the hospital and made that come true. It just so happens that one thing led to another and I kicked him in the crotch. By accident, of course. But the doctors said he should be okay and that the testicular contusion is the least of his worries.”

The Warriors originally released information about the event that claimed Green fulfilled the boy’s wish to be assaulted, but eyewitnesses and Green himself said that is not what occurred.

“He asked to meet one of the Warriors. That was it,” said a hospital nurse. “It just happened to be Draymond Green that showed up, unfortunately.”

Green says he’s not exactly sure what led to his shoe ending up on top of the child’s hospital bed with a stomping motion.

“There was just something in his eyes that told me the kid wanted to get inadvertently kicked,” said Green. “I think it’s a moment he’ll remember the rest of his life.”

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