(SP) – Despite being killed, disemboweled and hurled to the ice during the first period of Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final, sources close to the catfish that a Nashville Predators fan threw on the ice expect it to be ready to be re-hurled for Game 2.

“It’s a tough, gritty catfish,” said a Nashville team source. “A hockey catfish. It’s not going to be taken out just because it gets a hook through its mouth or has the back half of its body torn off and thrown onto a sheet of ice. He’ll be good to go for Game 2.”

Predators head coach Peter Laviolette said the catfish inspired his team’s comeback from a three-goal deficit in Game 1.

“I think when the players see a fish out their giving its all, taking hard hits, having it’s tail and anus ripped off, they dig a little deeper and give their all,” said Laviolette. “That fish got taken off the ice in Game 1 by a shovel and you hate to see that. But we’re confident he’ll be back out there for Game 2. He’s got a lot of guts, if not literally anymore then figuratively.”

In related news, a pet goldfish owned by Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant died today after the temperature in its tank changed by one degree.

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