(SP) – Kentucky point guard De’Aaron Fox is getting a serious look for the top two picks in next month’s NBA Draft after wowing scouts with a non-asshole of a father.

Most initial draft boards after the NBA lottery results had Markelle Fultz going No. 1 overall to Boston with Lonzo Ball falling to the Lakers at No. 2. But Fox’s lack of a dick dad is changing that.

“I really like De’Aaron’s upside. I think he can be a very good player in the NBA for a long time and, for example, he badly outplayed Lonzo Ball in the NCAA Tournament,” said one NBA GM with a lottery pick. “But most of all, I like that by bringing him in, I’d never have to speak or see Lavar Ball ever. Maybe even for my whole life. That’s about all you can ask for in a draft pick. That’s what every franchise wants.”

Fox’s agent reportedly has been showing the player’s father around to teams.

“I don’t really plan for De’Aaron to do any private workouts,” said the agent. “Our strategy is more to show off Mr. Fox and just let teams know that he is a normal person and a normal dad who will be nice to have around and, most importantly, that he is not a complete and total asshole.”

One NBA GM asked De’Aaron’s father if he has any plans to start a sneaker company for his son and he said he did not.

“I’m just a dad who wears New Balance,” said Aaron Fox. “I just want to stay out of the way, stay in the background and let my son make it on his own.”

Mr. Fox did not comment on reports that Lonzo Ball has asked him to adopt him.

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