OAKLAND — Russell Westbrook sounded off on Steph Curry’s oldest daughter following the Thunder’s Game 1 win at Golden State, saying he was glad the victory would keep Riley off the postgame dais, and calling the precocious four year-old “not that cute” and “if we’re being honest, actually kind of annoying.”

The fiery Oklahoma City guard said that his ultimate goal for his team in the series is to not see Curry’s daughter in a single postgame press conference, “because that will mean we swept them and she’s at home crying because her dad is a loser and can’t get her camera time anymore.”

Westbrook has yet to have any children with his wife, but says he’ll never “parade them around” in front of cameras like his Warriors opponent does.

“Like, we get it dude, you were able to procreate. About seven billion people can do it. It’s not special,” Westbrook said, while teammate Kevin Durant sat beside him at the postgame press conference, staring at the table. “Steph is one of those people who puts 80 pictures a day of his kids on Facebook, as though anyone gives a shit. If he wasn’t in the NBA, he’d be putting up parody music videos with his family on YouTube like those Christmas jammies assholes. Oh, don’t give me those stunned expressions. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. I just have the balls to say it.”

The guard’s press availability was then ended by a Thunder media relations staffer. Westbrook clarified his comments in a statement minutes later.

“I didn’t intend to attack Riley Curry,” said Westbrook. “It’s not about her specifically. Steph’s younger daughter will probably be as annoying, if not more so, when they start showing her off. I mean, all kids are equally annoying.”

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