(SP) – LaVar Ball has made good on his vow to bypass the big sneaker brands and attempt to build a brand around his sons, announcing today the debut shoe for Big Baller Brand: the BBBBarefoot 1s.

“As we were considering our options and talking to various shoe companies and designers, it hit me,” said LaVar Ball. “There’s no shoe out there that is constructed better than my boys’ feet. I’d put their feet up against anything that has ever been made. And I’m talking shoes, buildings, machines, you name it. Ball feet are flexible, durable and having a very sleek design. Lonzo’s Barefoot 1s will be the best shoes in the NBA.”

Featuring a bare foot and the brand’s logo, the family patriarch said the BBBBarefoot 1 is “priceless” but that consumers “can purchase a sticker to put on their own bare foot for $275 to live out the dream of being a Ball.”

LaVar Ball believes the BBBBarefoot 1s will become the highest-selling sneaker of all-time by the end of the year.

“There are no laces, they’re easy to clean — we are revolutionizing the sneaker game, just like we have the sport of basketball,” he said. “This was inevitable. Back in my playing days, my teammates used to say my feet were nicer than the first Jordans and now here we are.”

Originally projected to go second or third in the 2017 draft, Lonzo’s stock has slipped with the announcement of the BBBB1s.

“I’m not sure I see the point of spending an early pick on a kid who will fracture his ankle in the first preseason game,” said one NBA scout.

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