SACRAMENTO, CA – MARCH 19: Head coach Steve Alford of the UCLA Bruins watches on against the Cincinnati Bearcats during the second round of the 2017 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament at Golden 1 Center on March 19, 2017 in Sacramento, California. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES – Saying “it’s the haircut I want to have the rest of my life,” UCLA head basketball coach Steve Alford today announced he has signed a 10-year extension with his hairstyle that will keep him with the ‘do through 2030. He has been with the toussled and sprayed top/neg-burns style since he was a high schooler in rural Indiana.

“There are a lot of other haircuts out there, but to be honest: I’ve never even considered getting another,” Alford say of the look most of the country abandoned by 1993. “I remember when I came out here to Los Angeles, people said: ‘Oh, you’ll definitely get a different, decade-appropriate hairstyle in L.A.’ But I knew it wouldn’t happen. If anything, I use more hairspray now and cut the sideburns up even higher.”

The terms of the deal lock in Alford’s regular $8 haircut at SuperCuts through December 31, 2030.

“I’m happy to have Steve’s business going forward,” said Cindy, his usual hair cutter at SuperCuts. “It’s the same thing every time, which makes it easy on me, plus he usually tips three dollars and that’s a pretty great tip here.”

Alford said he will always stay loyal to his haircut because it keeps him grounded.

“I’ve been fortunate to see and do a lot of things in my life,” he said. “But my hair reminds me, and everyone who sees me, that I’m still the same guy who lived in Indiana in the mid-80s.”


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