The Cavaliers have moved on from general manager David Griffin as the team’s general manager, meaning the position is open for anyone to apply. Thank you have what it takes? Fill out this application, send it in and you might just become general manager of the Cleveland Cavaliers!

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  • Joshua Knepley

    Name: Steve Blankenhorn

    Previous experience creating a Superteam:

    – Put together the best little league team Chautauqua has seen in half a century. Undefeated in league play, going an impressive 8 – 0. Banned from state when star pitcher Danny Dominican turned out to be 42.

    Are you comfortable taking orders from a player?
    No, what coach would be? LeBron will come to respect and understand my methods. Besides, it’s not like I plan on doing something stupid, like trying to implement the triangle. No, the way the league has evolved… that would be terrible.

    If no…?
    Still no. Said player didn’t win a championship last year, did he? Sounds like he could use the love, wisdom, and guidance of Mr. Blankenhorn.

    Check the language in which you are fluent:
    I’ve been working for the AP following the President’s twitter feed, so all three. Maybe not English? Is that a requisite?

    Which best describes Ty Lue?
    Didn’t see an option for “former coach” , but when I lend the gig, it’s important to know that Steve Blankenhorn is a GM/HC all day.

    Describe how I’d ignore Carmelo’s requests to join the Cavs:
    Using Archer-style elaborate voice-mail pranks. Duh.

    Is bald beautiful?
    Sure. In my experience, women don’t care about hair, so long as you can still perform out on the court night in and night out.

    Is LeBron better than Jordan?
    Nike has instructed me to answer in a manner that will sell the most shoes. Not sure what that means, but there ya go.