The 2017 Bracket of Completely Random Things That Aren’t Related in Any Way is at a close and the winner is …


Sundresses, the lightweight, casual dresses worn in warm weather, had an impressive run through the field.  In Round 1, they defeated People Named “Gary,” 69-31. Round 2 saw a crushing beat down of Arby’s, 72-28. In the Sweet 16 it was even a bigger victory, 77-23, over Claymation. The Elite Eight brought Sundresses its closest match-up, a 55-45 win over Wi-Fi. Then it was on to the Final Four where it defeated Sex With The Lights On, 56-44, before taking down Inheriting Money decisively in the Championship by the final score of 55-45.

Sundresses now joins this list of prestigious winners.

Random Things Champions All-Time

2017: Sundresses defeated Inheriting Money

2016: The Nickname “Chief” defeated Wiffleball

2015: Freedom defeated Hand Jobs

2014: Former President James K. Polk defeated MILFs

Thank you all for participating. See you back again next year for more Random Things.

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