Usually we tease you with some low-level sucking before really getting into the best sucking, but this week’s loser/winner is simply too bad/good to mess around with foreplay.

Behold Week 7’s Crappiest Fantasy Team in America, submitted by reader Raymond K. …

Yes, that’s right. Just 22.2 points, with the Chiefs defense leading the way behind a clutch -5 points.

Unfortunately, this is NOT the crappiest fantasy team of the entire 2017 season. That came back in Week 3 when Socker Boppers posted 21.7.

And who is at fault for this not being the worst performance of 2017? You guessed it: a Cleveland Brown. They fail at everything, even failure. Duke Johnson had 7.1 points. What a friggin’ jerk.

Anyway, the next two weeks of the NFL season have six teams on byes each week, so the sucking should only get more intense. #blessed

See you next week for another chapter in failure achievement.

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