Tik Tock Region

1 – nunchuks


9 – inheriting money

Nunchuks are an Okinawan martial arts weapon consisting of two sticks connected by a chain. (Round 1: defeated John Quincy Adams, 67-33.)

Inheriting money is getting money from someone who dies. (Round 1: defeated Birth Control, 64-36.)

5 – driftwood


13 – the moon

Driftwood is wood that has been smoothed by being in water. (Round 1: defeated Greeks, 59-41.)

The moon is the large body that orbits Earth. (Round 1: defeated Sunny Delight, 51-49.)

6 – gay wildlife


3 – anal bleaching

Gay wildlife are wildlife that are attracted to the same sex. (Round 1: defeated Red Lobster, 54-46.)

Anal bleaching is bleaching of the anus that lightens its brown color. (Round 1: defeated Pete Holmes, 60-40.)

7 – the troops


2 – dying in your sleep

The troops are the troops. (Round 1: defeated Your Hot Cousin, 60-40.)

Dying in your sleep is dying while you are asleep. (Round 1: defeated Tambourines, 51-49.)

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