wood in fireplace

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Fireplace Region

1 – boneless wings


8 – nipples

Boneless wings are chicken “wings” that don’t have bones. (Round 1: defeated Libertarians, 77-23.)

Nipples are the projection of flesh on the breasts of mammals. (Round 1: defeated YouTube Ads That Let You Click Out Of Them After 5 Seconds, 52-48)

5 – flying squirrels


4 – “A Christmas Story”

Flying squirrels are squirrels that can glide through the air using webbed skin between their legs and torso. (Round 1: defeated The Olden Times, 55-45.)

“A Christmas Story” is a 1981 movie about a boy and his family at Christmas. (Round 1: defeated Lend-Lease Act, 50.2-49.8.)

11 – the sound “kerplunk”


14 – when the beat drops

The sound “kerplunk” is the sound “kerplunk.” (Round 1: defeated Corned Beef, 72-28.)

When the beat drops is when the beat drops in a song. (Round 1: defeated Taxation With Representation, 63-37.)

7 – viral memes


2 – IPAs

Virals memes are pieces of Internet content that quickly spread throughout the web and are modified along the way. (Round 1: defeated Gut Flora, 55-45.)

IPAs are a style of beer with extra hops. (Round 1: defeated Bernie Sanders, 59-41.)

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