9 – inheriting money


16 – sundresses

Inheriting money is getting money from someone who dies. (Round 1: defeated Birth Control, 64-36. Round 2: defeated Nunchuks, 65-35. Sweet 16: defeated The Moon, 61-39. Elite Eight: defeated The Troops, 57-43. Final Four: defeated Nipples, 60-40.)

Sundresses are lightweight, casual dresses worn in warm weather. (Round 1: defeated People Named “Gary,” 69-31. Round 2: defeated Arby’s, 72-28. Sweet 16: defeated Claymation, 77-23. Elite Eight: defeated Wi-Fi, 55-45. Final Four: defeated Sex With The Lights On, 56-44.)

Past Champions:

2016: The Nickname “Chief” beat Wiffleball

2015: Freedom beat Hand Jobs

2014: Former President James K. Polk beat MILFs

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