1. Munn was angry that Rodgers would never take her nice places. For example, to the Super Bowl.

2. Rodgers caught Munn pleasuring herself to Jay Cutler’s naked photo on Instagram.

"Good times, no tan lines. Let the sea set you free" – @tony2coats

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3. Rodgers could never get over how bad “The Newsroom” was.

4. Rodgers felt he needed to dump an actress in her mid-3os after a long relationship in order to follow Tom Brady’s career path.

5. Munn came to believe it was bad for her career to be dating the less-famous Rodgers brother.

6. Munn told Rodgers that Tom Brady is her fantasy … quarterback.

7. Rodgers’ fake championship belts did little to cover up the fact that he is even more disappointing below the waist.

8. Munn got annoyed that Rodgers never introduced her to his mom, Darla, or to his Daddy: most every opposing quarterback in the playoffs.

9. Munn was too Progressive for Rodgers, who is staunchly State Farm.

10. Munn got tired of Rodgers telling her that Clay Matthews is way prettier.


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