FaceApp is a new photo filter app that allows you to make pictures of people look older, younger, male and female. With such technology available, the obvious and first question is: “Which NFL quarterbacks make the hottest women?” Here is the answer.

But first, some extremely ugly NFL quarterback women.


X. Drew Brees

This. This is why the Chargers got rid of Brees. And they made the right decision.

X. Andy Dalton

They say God doesn’t make mistakes. But that is clearly fake news.

X. Mike Glennon

Sometimes high foreheads and pasty flesh produces Nicole Kidman. Sometimes it gives us Mike Glennon.

X. Eli Manning

Finally a daughter Archie Manning can be disappointed in, too.

X. Ben Roethlisberger

There’s nothing particular horrid about Barb Roethlisberger — and this person is clearly named Barb — but she is not a classic beauty either. Barb Roethlisberger looks like a PTA mom who drinks too much at neighborhood gatherings.

Okay … onto the beautiful …

The 10 Hottest NFL QBs as Women


10. Jared Goff

If football continues to not work out for Goff in Los Angeles, his female version could probably get some acting roles that Kristen Stewart turns down.

9. Cam Newton

That pretty face added to Cam’s cutting-edge attire would make a Cammie Newton an international fashion icon.

8. Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck, the man, is a grotesque beast that looks like he has never showered. But Lady Luck? Kind of cute. You’d definitely think about getting filthy with this Luck.

7. Colin Kaepernick

No one would get upset if you knelt down on one knee to give this Kaepernick his/her first ring.

6. Carson Palmer

Carson Palmer has broken a lot of hearts during his career due to his many injuries and interceptions. This Palmer would break your heart if she didn’t return your texts.

5. Aaron Rodgers

Now that Rodgers is no longer with Olivia Munn, maybe he should consider dating himself/Tiffani-Amber Thiessen.

4. Kirk Cousins

Do I like that? I like that very much. Very, very much.

3. Alex Smith

It was a stretch for Alex Smith to be the No. 1 overall pick in the draft, but he could definitely be the No. 1 pick of your heart.

2. Tyrod Taylor

It’s sad to think that Tyrod Taylor is fighting for a quarterback job in Buffalo when, in an alternate life, it could have been days and nights of strutting runways in Milan.

1. Tom Brady

Brady wins at everything.

Disagree? Then vote for the lady QB you find most attractive:

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