RIO DE JANEIRO — Swimmer Ryan Lochte is facing intense criticism in Brazil again after he swept the men’s swimming events at the 2016 Paralympic Games. The 12-time Olympic medalist was a late entry into the Paralympics, claiming he had a “disabling hangover.”

“Bruh, my head is pounding,” Lochte said after winning the 200m freestyle. “You have no idea. Plus, I barfed in the water in the first lap. I don’t know what these other people are dealing with, but I can’t imagine they feel worse than I do right now.”

As there is no test to prove someone is significantly disabled to compete in the Paralympic Games, Lochte’s wins in Rio will stand. But his entry into the competition has drawn further outrage throughout the world, including a statement from the director of the Paralympics denouncing Lochte for not “living up to the spirit of this wonderful competition.” But Lochte is fighting back, saying he “could barely even stand up” after a night of drinking tequila and that he was “so shit-faced that I can’t even remember showing up at the Paralympics.”

Lochte has also now claimed that his drinks got spiked by Brazilian police officers who were trying to poison him, but he fought his way out of the bar and to the Paralympics “using nothing but my fists and a pina colada umbrella.”

NBC’s Matt Lauer has confirmed that Lochte’s story is true according to the swimmer’s account of what happened.

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