Aaron Rodgers is one of the most famous names in world sport. For 16 years, the 37-year-old has been at the heart of the NFL. However, that doesn’t seem to be enough for the quarterback. For someone of undeniable sporting quality, his trophy haul is perhaps a little underwhelming, and that’s why a change of career may be on the horizon. After all, having been let down by ownership for many years, why not prove how easy it is by taking on the responsibility himself in a different sport? 

An Uncertain Future for the All-Time Great 

Rodgers has led the way for the Packers for almost two decades, but his future may lie outside of the all-action sport. But don’t get it twisted, the one-time Super Bowl champion doesn’t wish to move away from Green Bay. According to Fox Sports, the 37-year-old dreams of owning an NHL team, with his allegiances remaining in Green Bay. Unfortunately, that doesn’t leave Rodgers with too many options. Although there are no local NHL teams within Wisconsin, the quarterback could, with funding, purchase the Milwaukee Admirals. The team plays at the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena, and the outfit presents Rodgers with an opportunity to learn on the job. 

Traditionally, ownership isn’t easy. But let’s be fair, what doesn’t look simple to Rodgers? The 37-year-old could prove himself in no time with the Admirals, and he could then turn his attentions to the NHL. Which teams are in the best position to win the Stanley Cup next season? Check out BetOnline! After recording league-high losses of $39 million in 2020, the quarterback could perhaps get the New York Islanders for a cut-price deal. The outfit hasn’t won a Stanley Cup since 1982-83, although they are 13/1 in NHL betting odds to achieve the feat in 2020-21, as of April 21st. En route to showing how easy ownership is, Rodgers could guide the Islanders back to the pinnacle. 

You Never Know, He May Actually Win Something 

With his NFL future up in the air, the one-time Super Bowl MVP accepts that “there’s going to be an end at some point”, and when one door closes, another opens. Like every top-level sports athlete, Rodgers dreams of ending his career with a whole host of honors to his name. Instead, he’s destined to be let down by the Packers’ ownership, who, according to Stephen A. Smith, has been “so damn egregious” in their handling of draft selections and the 37-year-old’s contract situation. 

Despite being a publicly-owned entity, the Green and Gold haven’t won the Super Bowl since 2010, and that failure is undoubtedly weighing heavy on Rodgers’ mind. His playing career can’t go on forever, and there’s nothing to stop the want-to-be NHL owner from reminding people that he can taste success, even if that’s on the ice rink. 

Dream Big, Rodgers 

At the time of writing, Rodgers is a leading name in the American football world. But what’s to say that he won’t also conquer the NHL in the coming years? With a winning mentality, nothing fazes the 37-year-old, and that fearless approach will serve him well in the hockey scene. Now, we sit back and wait for the quarterback to show us how easy ownership is. In years to come, he may be standing as the Islanders’ owners raising the Stanley Cup above his head. Stranger things have happened!