LOS ANGELES — Sources within the Rams organization say the team will aggressively pursue Cowboys rookie quarterback Dak Prescott in a trade this offseason and are even willing to part with 2016 №1 overall pick Jared Goff to make it happen.

“Obviously, anytime you trade a №1 overall pick, you expect a pretty big package in return, so we’re excited to see what the Cowboys will be willing to give up,” said a Rams front office staffer.

The Rams expect the Cowboys to see their reasoning that a №1 overall pick is far greater than the 135th overall pick and offer much more than just Prescott for Goff.

“I’d expect their 2017 first rounder at the very least, but since it likely won’t be that high of a pick, we are open to taking Ezekiel Elliott, as well,” a Rams official said of the №4 overall pick.

The Rams plan to point to Dallas’ own pre-draft rankings that had Goff rated ahead of Prescott to convince them to make the move. “If Goff had that offensive line, he would have had an even better year than Prescott. That’s a sentence I’ll say when we call them about the deal,” said the Rams official.

Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones said he is willing to talk to the Rams.

“I’m open to a deal with anyone,” he said. “Los Angeles is a huge market, so it would be great for the Dallas Cowboys organization to do a deal with them to be our minor league affiliate and then we could call up Aaron Donald to the majors.”

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