(SP) – The NFL is trying to turn a negative into a positive by giving fans a chance to save 10-percent on apparel and products on the league’s online shop with the promo code “CTE,” the condition found to exist in 110 of 111 brains of former NFL players in a study released today.

“Nobody wants CTE, but everybody wants to save money,” said commissioner Roger Goodell. “There is still a lot of science to come in on brain trauma and that will take years, but you don’t have to wait for years to get great savings. As of today, fans can get 10% on all of our products. This is a great day for NFL fans.”

The commissioner added that it is important that fans don’t only associate negative things with CTE.

“The risk of brain injury is known, players play the sport willingly and are paid handsomely for it,” said Goodell. “Yet somehow there are still negative connotations for some people about debilitating brain injury. I think we need to get past that. From now until the season opener, let CTE be known as a great way to save money on officially licensed NFL merchandise for you and your friends.”

Goodell was asked if he has any plans to replace the league’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a CTE Awareness Month.

“No. I think there is too much awareness of CTE, to be candid,” he said. “And I think people better realize what they’re saying when they say the NFL is bad. They’re saying that they want women to get breast cancer.”