(SP) – Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin said he barely slept a wink following his team’s latest humiliating defeat to an underdog opponent, tossing and turning all night while his mind tried to hit on the ideal meaningless/motivational cliche to say to his players to save their season.

“I’ve been here a while now and, yeah, I’ve wondered a time or two if my sternly delivered cliches are not getting through like they used to,” said Tomlin. “Maybe new cliches are needed. Is it time to give 115-percent? It just might be. I’ll take it one cliche at a time.”

The Steelers have lost to the Bears and Jaguars in the past three weeks to drop to 3-2 and now have to go on the road next week to play the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs.

“This is a time to stand up as men and take account for being the best we can be through diligent execution of responsibilities and next man up 110-percent,” said Tomlin. “Did any of that make any sense? I’m just spit-balling here.”

Steelers receiver Antonio Brown says the team is counting on Tomlin to come up with some great new cliches.

“Between Tomlin and Todd Haley, we know we’re not going to beat anyone strategically,” he said. “So we’ll have to do it with nonsense that might sound meaningful if you don’t think about it at all.”

If Tomlin can’t step up with any new cliches, the team is reportedly considering bringing in former Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis for a motivational speech.