We open this week with a tale of … well, let’s just have the person who submitted this team explain it:

“This score isn’t terrible, but what adds insult to injury is that the Moonies in our league lost to a Fantasy team made-up of all NY Giants players and the Giants lost 51-17 to the Rams.”

At least the Giants won something, though. Pretty big week for them.

Now me move on to this team, submitted by Daniel A., who writes: “I figure the second lowest score in our league’s history should be submitted to you.” And it should be. But this league’s scoring system is strange and peculiar to me, just a simple sports site who plays in standard scoring leagues.

And so the honor of Week 9’s Crappiest Fantasy Team goes to this outfit, submitted by @Habeenz. This team in his league got … drumroll … 22 points in standard 12-team league:

Yes, Orleans Darkwa led this team in scoring with 7.9 points. If Week 9 proved anything, it’s that the New York Giants are a fantasy football juggernaut.

Thansk for all the sucking. Let’s have a suckfest again next week, same time, same place.

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