We start this week where all football failure begins: Cleveland, Ohio.

The following team was submitted by Ryan J., who writes:

“I’m from Cleveland and wanted to support my home team. The only reason Kizer got 24 is bc my dad set up the league and bless his heart doesn’t have much of an idea what he’s doing so he has QB’s getting a point for every 10 yards passing.”

So how did an all-Browns fantasy football team do? Almost as bad as an all-Browns real football team.

I honestly never even heard of five of those people.

But this week’s big winner/loser is this squad, sent in by Alex H. to mock his friend @jtrep13.

This fine squad put up a grand total of … drumroll … 33.7 points. And this is in a two-quarterback league. Egads.

And the fun side note on this team? Check out the winning score on the left. So close! Just need a 117.5 more points for a tie. Way to not come through for the team, Randy Bullock.

Thus concludes Week 8’s sucking. See you back next week for another edition of fantasy failure.

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