(SP) – Tony Romo’s broadcasting career is in limbo after his deal with CBS to join their NFL broadcast team was scrapped at the last minute when the network learned current Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is interested in broadcasting, as well.

“We’re not sure where things stand right now,” confirmed Romo’s agent this morning. “Everything seemed finalized and he was prepared to end his playing career, but then we got a call from CBS late last night saying it was all on hold.”

According to sources, CBS got word that Prescott has an interest in broadcasting, causing network execs to decide it might make more sense to nab the up-and-coming 23-year old instead of the nearly 37-year old Romo.

“Obviously, Tony is a really nice and knowledgeable guy with a good personality who would do well on camera,” said a network source. “But Dak Prescott is all of that and more in a younger package. It’s not a hard choice if you have to pick between the two.”

While Prescott may not look to a broadcasting career for 10 to 15 years, CBS executives are not sure they want to give Romo a long-term deal if they simply plan to replace him at the first opportunity.

“I just don’t think you build a TV show franchise around Tony Romo at this stage of his career,” said a CBS source. “But I’m sure he’ll land on his feet at a nice regional sports network. Fox Sports Shreveport or something and do very well.”