CHARLOTTE, NC — Cam Newton flew home from Denver on Thursday night after the NFL season opener a loser, as his team fell 21–20 when Graham Gano missed a 50-yard field goal attempt in the final seconds. But the biggest loss is likely to hit in the coming days when the quarterback is suspended for repeated helmet-to-helmet hits on Broncos players.

The NFL league office confirmed it is reviewing footage of the many plays in which the huge, 6-foot-5, 245 pound quarterback used his head to slam into the crown of the helmets of nearby by Broncos players. Only one of the multiple hits drew a penalty. Unsurprisingly, Denver players and coaches were upset by Newton’s style of play.

“It’s a bad look for the league when one of its big-name players is out there hitting his chin and side of his helmet into seemingly every defender flying through the air near him,” said Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak. “These are defenseless players. By definition. They even have ‘defense’ in their names. I’m sorry, but the NFL can’t let him get away with this. And some of the times he didn’t even have the ball in his hands, so what exactly was his purpose out there if not just trying to hurt people?”

Footage of the hits definitely gives a bad look for Newton. His head is lifted, fully aware of his surroundings and nearby Denver players, while the Broncos have their arms tucked in and their heads down — the tender crown of their helmets left completely exposed for the quarterback’s vicious blows.

Newton said after the game that he “couldn’t remember” all of the hits, a statement that suggests that he delivered his brutality without even giving it much thought, a telltale sign of a violent sociopath.

“How would he like it if we hit him in the head over and over and over again?” said Broncos linebacker Von Miller, the victim of one Newton hit when he was simply and innocently trying to jump into the air near the QB. “The league needs to protect defenders before it’s too late. Cam is big and strong and he shouldn’t be allowed to bully us and beat us up. Someone is going to get hurt out here and if I have to protect myself by launching my head into his first, well, that’s something I’ll have to consider. But I’d prefer to not have to play the game that way.”

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