(SP) – The Washington Redskins announced today they will sign Chief Wahoo to a 10-year deal when his contract expires with the Cleveland Indians at the end of the 2018 season.

“This is a mascot and a symbol we’ve had our eye on for a long time,” said team owner Dan Snyder. “Chief Wahoo really is the ultimate visual description of the Redskins name. I’m glad they’ll finally be brought together.”

The decision to acquire faced immediate criticism from those who find Chief Wahoo offensive, but Snyder dismissed those accusations.

“You want to talk about racist and offensive?” said Snyder. “Anyone who said Chief Wahoo is offensive is the real racist. He’s a real Indian chief. If you don’t like him, then you don’t like Indians. Or, as they like to be called in order to receive the most honor: redskins.”

With Chief Wahoo added to the fold, Snyder said the organization will also move forward on a new beer garden concourse at the team’s stadium that will be dubbed “The Trail of Beers.”

“Some native people divided their calendar into 13 moons,” said Snyder. “And so we will honor that by charging $13 for all the beers on the Trail of Beers.”