(SP) – Serena and Venus Williams will end their doubles tennis career with 14 Grand Slam titles. The older sister Venus was informed by her sister yesterday that she is pregnant … and that the child will replace Venus as her doubles partner beginning at the 2018 Australian Open.

“I got the news from Serena today and I’m so happy that she will be a mom and that I will be an aunt,” said the 36-year old Venus. “At the same time, it was disappointing to find out my doubles career is over, but I understand the decision.”

Serena said she has enjoyed playing with her sister for so many years, but feels a “stronger connection to someone who is growing inside me and this is an opportunity to make my pairing a good bit younger. I’m really excited about the potential of my child. I mean, it’s Serena Williams’ child. It’s probably going to be awesome.”

Williams initially hoped her baby would be able to play in the 2017 U.S. Open, but the expected due date would force the baby to play in the tournament at just a few days old.

“I’m sure I could win single-handedly, but I don’t want my baby to get hit by a ball or something,” said Serena. “We’ll wait until the Australian next winter and dominate. She’ll be able to roll over by then and cover a couple feet of the court.”

Venus said she is willing to play doubles with her sister again if the baby partner doesn’t work out.

“I think we need to remember that the baby’s father is the co-founder of Reddit,” she said. “It could be the least athletic child of all-time.”

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