(SP) – United States president Donald Trump took to Twitter early this morning to threaten “complete nuclear annihilation” to ESPN basketball reporter Adrian Wojnarowski after coming across the #WojBomb hashtag on the social media site.

“Let it be known that anyone who would threaten to use the bomb, be they a little rocket man with a tiny button in North Korea or a member of the FAKE SPORTS NEWS, I will use the full power of the U.S. military to DESTROY you,” the president tweeted. “#MAGA”.

Wojnarowski did not comments on the president’s threat of destruction, but industry insiders said a conflict between the reporter and the U.S. head of state could be coming to a head.

“The NBA trade deadline is February 8th. That’s barely a month away,” said a source. “So there are sure to be a lot of Woj bombs then. And a month from now, Trump will undoubtedly be even deeper into dementia and mental illness. So I think we could definitely see him order a nuclear attack on an NBA arena in the coming weeks.”