(SP) – CBS color commentator Tony Romo said today that he will predict the date and cause of your death at some point during the network’s broadcast of the AFC Championship Game this Sunday.

“I really only discovered this fall that I am able to see the future,” said Romo. “And I don’t want to only limit that to predicting football plays. I’m going to branch out. I’m going to tell you how you die,” he added, grinning.

The former Cowboys quarterback said he will reveal the full details during the broadcast, but said your demise will come while you are vacationing and via a giant boulder.

“In the grand scheme, it will be pretty comical,” he said. “Don’t worry, you won’t feel a lot of pain. At least not for long. Okay, you’ll be in intense pain for like 40 minutes. But then after that … the sweet embrace of death.”

Romo says he has also predicted how his broadcast partner Jim Nantz will die.

“He will be strangled to death by one of the prostitutes he goes to every year at the Masters,” said Romo. “It’s a tradition unlike any other. And in 2021, that tradition will end his life.”