(SP) – Tiger Woods has fired his caddie, Joe LaCava, the first bit of fallout from Woods being arrested for suspicion of DUI early Memorial Day morning.

The golfer did not specify his reasons for letting LaCava go, but sources close to the 14-time major winner say it is because his long-time caddie did not advise him properly of the twists and turns in the road on his way home from a night of drinking, causing Woods’ swerving car to be pulled over and cited by police.

“Tiger doesn’t ask for a lot from a caddie, but their job is pretty much to step in when you’re going to make a mistake and show you the right way,” said Woods’ agent, Mark Steinberg. “When that all you have to do to get 10% of a guy’s income, you better do it or you’ll find yourself out of a job.”

LaCava has apologized for failing to alert Woods.

“I made a mistake and I’m sorry,” he said. “Instead of telling Tiger that the road turned to the left and then right, I just started screaming when he started heading full-speed at a tree. Looking back, I realize that was not helpful.”

Woods was released on his own recognizance early this morning and is said to be feeling better after eating a high-starch breakfast at a nearby Perkins.