DETROIT, MI – JUNE 30: Starling Marte #6 of the Pittsburgh Pirates scores during the second inning of the interleague game against the Detroit Tigers on June 30, 2015 at Comerica Park in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)

PITTSBURGH – Pirates All-Star outfielder Starling Marte spoke out today about his 80-game suspension for using Nandrolone, saying he feels “embarrassed” for himself, his family and his team.

“It’s obviously something I’m not proud of,” Marte told reporters today. “To get caught taking an anabolic steroid and then have people look at your stats and see you only hit 9 home runs last season, well … it’s a very humbling day. Everyone starts saying: ‘Imagine how weak this guy would be without using PEDs.'”

As shocked as his teammates were when the news of his half-season suspension broke on Tuesday, Marte said he was even more surprised by his lack or power last year.

“You take steroids, you take that risk, you expect to be jacking 40 home runs or something,” said Marte. “But I was hitting like some little shortstop. It’s hard to look my kids in the eyes when they ask how I didn’t even get to double-digit homers on steroids. I’m worried they won’t be proud of me.”

Marte said he will spend his time away from the Pirates reevaluating things.

“Maybe my steroids guy game me bad steroids?” he said. “Or maybe they were steroids that don’t make you strong, but make you fast? I did steal 47 bases last year. I guess I took some fast steroids. I’m sorry about that.”


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