LOS ANGELES – After swinging and missing on franchise players at the trade deadline, a source within the Los Angeles Lakers front office says the team will hope to “work some magic” in the draft instead.

“We’re looking at all options, but the hope is that we’re able to find a tall, charismatic, handsome guard from Michigan State,” the unnamed source said. “I mean, the type of guy who will change the game, really. Someone who also could light up a room with a smile.”

While at first glance the revelation might signal the Lakers are looking strongly at Michigan State freshman forward Miles Bridges, the source went on an oddly specific checklist of characteristics that Bridges doesn’t have.

“We need the type of player who could lift guys like Byron Scott and ancient Kareem to a few titles, and who literally made James Worthy’s career,” said the Lakers source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because “that’s what I’m supposed to do, right?”

The source also said he hopes the player could turn into an “innovative, successful” businessman someday.

“All through his great career, this player should maintain such a great public persona that his image is squeaky clean in the mainstream,” the source said. “But he also should have legendary prowess with ladies around the country. But this time, maybe someone could actually get in his ear and explain the possible dangers that come with the ladies, man. I mean, he’s in his early-20s with women throwing themselves at him every night. What do you want from a guy?”

The source said the Lakers also hope he could take over the marquee franchise someday, and not have to settle for running “low-rent teams in Charlotte and Indiana.”