(SP) – New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski said today he will root for the Philadelphia Eagles to win the Super Bowl.

“You see those picture of them partying? Hell, yes,” said Gronk. “That looks fun as shit. I’m all in on that. If they win the Super Bowl, I’m 100-percent heading to Philly to part all night. To 6 or 9 in the morning! Yeah, that’s right.”

Gronkowski said that Patriots fans aren’t as fun to party with because, after five Super Bowl titles, winning isn’t as exciting for them.

“How many Pats fans get black out drunk or climb street lights or throw up on their mom’s couch?” he said. “Probably less than half. Hard to respect that.”

Asked if he said his rooting interest will impact his play for the Patriots in the Super Bowl, Gronkowski said he was unsure.

“Wait, the Patriots made the Super Bowl? That’s the team I play on, right?” he said. “Damn, bro. That sucks. Ah, whatever. Go Eagles still, I guess.”