(SP) – After a hectic period of coaches moving to new jobs in college football, all current coaches are now 100-percent happy with their jobs and it’s unlikely any other movement will occur for a decade or more.

“According to recent comments by coaches who have taken new jobs and coaches that have signed extensions at their current jobs, everyone is completely content where they are,” said a Power 5 athletic director. “If you like extreme loyalty, I think we’re about to embark on years of that in college football.”

While some coaches will undoubtedly be fired in future seasons, those open positions will have to be filled by assistant coaches, as no existing head coaches have expressed any intent in changing jobs in the future.

”I love this university and I love these players,” said 130 Division I football head coaches. “Leaving here one dayis not a thought that has ever entered my head. I’m here for the long haul. I don’t care who would come calling or how much they’d offer.”