WASHINGTON, D.C. – Numerous White House sources say President Trump is considering an executive order that would require every NFL team to employ — and play — at least one white cornerback. The proposed order is currently being circulated as a memo and was drafted by Trump advisors Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller. The president is likely to approve it by the end of the week.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer would not confirm the existence of the draft memo, but did say that “it is a fact that there hasn’t been a white cornerback in the NFL since Jason Sehorn of the Jets in 1975. President Trump is very committed to putting an end to racism in this country and if that means making sure NFL teams give opportunities to white cornerbacks, that is certainly something he will consider.”

[Editorial note: While Spicer was correct about Sehorn being the last white cornerback in the NFL, he never played for the New York Jets and his career ended after the 2003 season.]

Bannon, who is a football fan and Notre Dame diehard, and Miller, whose dark worldview is no doubt shaped in part by watching Duke’s football team in college, reportedly believe there is legal precedent that would give them cover for the order.

“The left is fine with affirmative action run amok and Title IX making everyone play women’s sports,” said an administration source. “So how would providing opportunities for white cornerbacks be a problem, unless they’re just opening racist against white men? If that’s the case, I welcome them to go on the record saying it. Either way, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the anti-white policies of President Obama made him the first president in modern times without a white cornerback during his administration. That’s part of the Obama legacy.”

Contacted about reports of the order, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said he had not heard anything about it.

“If true, it’s something we would be open to,” he said. “Fans love scoring, and this would definitely increase that. Every passing record would be in jeopardy.”