(SP) – Coming off a dramatic comeback, overtime victory over Georgia in the national championship game, Alabama head coach Nick Saban is reportedly considering retiring with six national titles on his resume.

“There’s nothing left to accomplish other than more of the same and he’ll be 67 years-old next season,” said a close associate who insisted he is not a friend because “Saban doesn’t have any friends.” The non-friend continued: “I think he’s really thinking about stepping away to spend his days hate-watching his grandkids and scowling at his wife.”

No matter how successful Saban’s teams continue to be, those close to the coach say he has commented recently on the time commitment it takes to stay at the top and all the moments he is missing at home when he could be condescending and dismissive to his family.

“My one grandkid just started walking,” Saban said on a radio show recently. “But I wasn’t there to see it. That’s a moment you can’t ever get back. I could have been there to say: ‘Sure, you can walk, but you still shit your pants like a stupid baby.'”

Saban’s wife said she does not believe her husband will retire, however.

“God doesn’t hate me that much,” she said. “That’s all I can hope for.”