NEW YORK — According to a new report in the Washington Post, presidential candidate Donald Trump has failed to pay owed winnings in his fantasy football league since the 2008 season ended. The real estate tycoon serves as the commissioner of his league, but several members of the league have stated on the record that Trump owes them money from first, second or third place finishes over the past seven years.

“It’s a 12-team league with a $50 buy-in, but he hasn’t paid anyone since 2008 when my team, which was named Clinton Portishead then, won the championship,” said Richard Tighe, a business associate of Trump’s that finally quit the league last year. “He’s pocketing $550 each year. And if you say you’re going to quit, he threatens to leak anything inappropriate you’ve ever written on the league message board.”

An archive of the message board for the Yahoo league — named TRUMP’s Most Luxurious Fantasy League — provided to the Washington Post appears to back up the story, with complains about lack of payment being posted since 2009. One from early September 2010 reads: “Donald, I see you scheduled the draft for Wednesday night. But I still haven’t been paid for last year. What’s up?” And another from 2012: “Donald, I know it’s only 35 bucks for third place, but it’s been three years now. It’s the principle. Pay me!” There are no responses from Trump to any of the messages. His only posts are complaints about some of his players missing games due to concussions, blaming their injuries on the “wussification of America under our Kenyan president.”

The Trump campaign did not respond to the Post’s request for comments on the scandal which, if true, has enriched Trump to the tune of more than $3,000. A campaign spokesman did, however, note that Hillary Clinton’s history of draft picks suggests she is not fit to make decisions for America. “Who drafts a quarterback in the 1st Round in a PPR league?” asked Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway. “No offense, but Aaron Rodgers? He’s not what he used to be and the American people know that. It’s a fantasy that Hillary would be good for this country.”

Also, Donald Trump, Jr. posted a tweet today comparing Syrian refugees to fantasy draft busts.

“If just one Syrian refugee turns out to be worse than Joe Flacco, is it worth the risk?” tweeted Trump, Jr. The post quickly created an uproar, with many arguing that was a gross analogy, while others stating that Flacco is in fact elite regardless of what his fantasy numbers are.

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