(SP) – A priest has been called to deliver the last rites to NFL Draft prospect Mitch Trubisky as hope for him wanes with the Cleveland Browns rumored to be set on drafting the quarterback No. 1 overall.

“We ask for your prayers at this difficult time,” said a statement from the Trubisky family. “It’s touch and go right now. Obviously, we will know more by Thursday at the latest. But all we can do right now is hope for the best outcome, which is of course not being drafted by the Browns.”

The quarterback prospect is reportedly being kept as comfortable as possible considering the situation, but there’s only so much that can be done.

“I think he’s started to realize how dire this is and that everything hangs in the balance,” said the quarterback’s agent. “As the draft gets closer, it’s really started to hit him that he could become a Brown. He’s tried to stay upbeat, but after a while it just weighs you down. I hope and pray he doesn’t give up. You never know what could happen. We’re hoping for a miracle. Maybe they draft him and then trade him away a few minutes later. You have to stay positive.”

Trubisky has begun getting his affairs in order in case things go bad. He wrote one friend a letter, asking that he be remembered at his best.

“Please try to always think of me as the guy who had a really good junior season at North Carolina,” wrote Trubisky. “And not the horrible quarterback I will become with the Browns. That’s all I ask.”

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