(SP) – The San Antonio Spurs season ended before Gregg Popovich hoped it would, but the long-time coach says he always tries to make the most of his offseasons.

“I love basketball, but there’s a lot more to life than basketball,” Popovich said after the Spurs were swept by the Warriors. “I’m going to unwind a bit. Travel. Read. Spead some time with friends. And drink some good wine. I’m also excited about having more time to make the case to the American people that Donald Trump must be removed from office at all costs.”

Popovich said he has a case of 1983 Bordeauxs he is looking forward to getting into and said he would happily share a bottle with anyone who has evidence that would lead to Trump’s impeachment.

“This is me time now and I plan to kick back and relax, but I am also a citizen of this country and I think we should fight for its future,” said the coach. “I truly believe Donald Trump is one of the biggest threats we face in our time, outside of Zaza Puchulia. They must be stopped.”

Popovich says he has already turned down an opportunity to do some TV in the offseason.

“CNN offered me a four-month contract to anchor their Trump coverage … well, if he lasts that long,” said Popovich. “But if I became part of the media, I could never look myself in the mirror again.”

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