(SP) – Indiana Pacers forward Paul George confirmed today that he has informed his team he is unlikely to re-sign with them following the 2018 season and hopes to join the Los Angeles Lakers, the team he grew up rooting for in Palmdale, California.

“Some players only care about getting a ring, like Kevin Durant, and will jump from team to team to do that,” said George. “That’s their right. But winning a ring isn’t the No. 1 thing for me. That’s why I want to play for the Lakers.”

The Lakers have failed to win more than 27 games in each of the last four seasons, while George has averaged more than 20 points per game for a regular Eastern Conference playoff contender during the same time period.

“Adding me to the Lakers instantly makes us the kind of team that can possibly contend for the 8th spot in the West and, if we get it, be swept in the 1st Round,” he said. “Could I join the Cavaliers and win a ring? Maybe. But on the Lakers I get to have free time in Los Angeles starting in late April. That’s a beautiful time of year here. Life is about more than just basketball.”

George also confirmed reports that the Warriors have reached out to him about playing there.

“They said I could live in L.A., be their eighth man, and just fly up to Oakland for home games,” said George. “It’s definitely something to think about.”

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