FOXBOROUGH, MA – While quarterback-needy NFL teams queue to make trade offers for New England backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo, the Patriots are always making it known that they have another quarterback on the roster in Jacoby Brissett who is also available for teams sad and desperate enough to reach for anyone with Patriots pedigree.

“While getting Jimmy [Garoppolo], who is undoubtedly the second-greatest quarterback in the NFL to Tom Brady, will probably require multiple 1st Round picks in return, as well as a few young veterans who are impact players, we also have another QB who is even younger than Jimmy,” said Nick Caserio, the team’s director of player personnel. “Of course, since Jacoby is a year younger than Jimmy and played at a bigger school in college, we’ll need at least the same in return, if not more.”

Brissett was a 3rd Round pick by the Patriots in the 2016 draft and already has an NFL win under his belt, beating the Houston Texans in Week 3. He also finished out a Week 2 victory over the Dolphins when Garoppolo went down to injury. He has 55 career pass attempts with no interceptions and a 61.8 completion percentage. He also ran for 83 yards and a touchdown on 16 carries. But what could impress teams most is that he has played for the Patriots, the same team Tom Brady plays for.

“Spread that kind of production out over a season and he blew away anything Jared Goff or Carson Wentz did last year,” said Caserio. “And I think he could have been better than Dak Prescott if given the chance. We, the best team in football, thought he was better because we took Jacoby when Prescott was still on the board. That should count for something, no? So, basically, teams have the opportunity to trade us for Garoppolo — undoubtedly the next great NFL quarterback — and Brissett, who is unquestionably better than Dak Prescott. Both of these guys have physically touched Tom Brady, so undoubtedly some of him has rubbed off. The phone lines are open.”

Asked why the Patriots would seek to trade two quarterbacks they claim are guaranteed to be future Hall of Famers when the only other quarterback on the roster is set to turn 40, Caserio turned the question around.

“Instead of asking that, I’d ask teams how desperate they would be to get the next Tom Brady,” he said. “They won’t know if these guys are legit if they don’t trade for them. That’s a fact.”

The Patriots are also reportedly looking into drafting a quarterback in the 4th Round this year that they will trade for the Cleveland Browns entire draft in 2019.

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