(SP) – Green Bay Packers team officials say they are preparing for life without Aaron Rodgers after the quarterback said he “loves the team like family” on a radio show this morning.

While speaking on the radio, Rodgers expressed confusion over why the Packers let go off his position coach, Alex Van Pelt, without consulting with him, said he was disappointed with the team’s inability to get back to a Super Bowl, and then said: “I love the Packers like family.”

It was that line that set off alarm bells in Green Bay.

“We’ve had 13 seasons with Aaron and that’s something we have to be grateful for,” said head coach Mike McCarthy. “It’s clear he now wants nothing to do with the Packers and that he’ll completely cut us out of his life. I doubt we’ll even see him at important times of the year, like Christmas or OTAs.”

Packers linebacker Clay Matthews said that Rodgers told him he “thinks of me as a brother, which really hurt me.”

“I always thought I was a good teammate and we’ve done a lot of commercials together,” said Matthews. “But for Aaron to compare me to a brother, well … I know he was just trying to be mean. I don’t know what’s happened with him. He’s really changed.”

Sources close to Rodgers say that he is looking for a new team that realizes how cool and famous he is and that can help him become even more cool and famous.

”Being a Packer was a different stage in Aaron’s life,” said a source. “I think he’d rather be a Cowboy now.”