(SP) – Los Angeles Lakers point guard Lonzo Ball was arrested in Los Angels today for stealing a DVD from a store, LAPD sources confirm. The rookie swiped a DVD copy of “How to Shoot a Basketball” from a store in West Hollywood.

“Video surveillance showed Lonzo Ball taking the DVD,” said and LAPD spokesman. “He admitted that he did steal the DVD. He said he would pay for it, but thought it was too humiliating to do so because it would be him admitting that he doesn’t know how to shoot.”

The DVD, released in 2001, promises to teach “basketball novices” the “proper form on how to hold and shoot a basketball” so they can “enjoy a sport loved around the world.” The DVD had a for sale price of $3.99.

After being confronted by police, Ball tried to hurl the DVD back into the store, but badly missed the doorway.

“It was one of the most awkward things I’ve ever seen,” said the arresting officer. “I kind of felt bad for him. I’m not sure exactly how someone is supposed to shoot a DVD, but I know what he did isn’t it.”

Ball will reportedly will not fight the charges and accept his punishment.

“My sons are the greatest shoplifters of all-time,” said LaVar Ball. “No one has ever stolen better than them.”