(SP) – NBA superstar LeBron James has posted another congratulatory message to himself on Instagram today. After congratulating high school LeBron on reaching 30,000 points in the NBA, today LeBron congratulated the LeBron of July 2018 on deciding to leave Cleveland for the second time in his career.

”Wanna be one of the first to Congratulate you on this accomplishment/achievement!” James posted on Instagram along with a photo of himself smiling. “I know it’s been a goal of yours since midway through the 2017-2018 season to get the hell out of Cleveland and you’ve done it! You should be very proud. There are so many people to thank who helped this become possible, but Kevin Love is the biggest. Because he sucked so bad, you knew it was time to leave again. Also, the City of Cleveland isn’t exactly a great place to live, so Cleveland made it easy, too. Congrats again, July 2018 LeBron!”

The Instagram post immediately went viral, but James downplayed the significance of the post today after the Cavaliers’ practice.

“You’re blowing things out of proportion,” James told reporters. “You’re talking to LeBron James here in January 2018. I can’t speak for what LeBron of 2018 will do. You’ll have to ask him.”

James then excused himself and was later heard talking on the phone to Joel Embiid about playing together in Philadelphia next year.