(SP) – The feud between Kyrie Irving and LeBron James escalated today when James made the point that his current teammate is significantly dumber than a small child by posting a video of his 10 year-old son Bryce explaining how the planet we live on is a sphere.

In the three-minute video posted to Instagram, James’ second child — who will be entering fourth grade in the fall — faces the camera and gives a clear and concise synopsis of facts about the shape of the planet, from how day and night works to the existence of man-made satellites. At the end of the video, young Bryce is then told by his father off-camera to say how many grades of school he complete. “Three,” the boy says. To which James responds before the video cuts out: “Better than one year at Duke.”

The post is James’ first response to a video that went viral on Sunday of Irving laughing at a wedding while Steph Curry mocks James’ intense workout videos. While it is not likely to help mend the relationship between the two Cleveland stars, James’ Instagram video does serve as a helpful reminder that Irving is one of the dumbest people alive.

“In LeBron’s clever way, this could force the Cavs to keep Kyrie,” said a league front office source. “Kyrie wants to leave one of the only NBA teams with a title shot. He thinks Earth is flat. Even worse, he is open to playing for the New York Knicks. LeBron’s video reminds everyone how epically stupid this person is. Who dares pay more than $20 million a year to someone this dumb? It’s a huge trade risk.”