(SP) – Kristin Cavallari created an uproar on the Internet today when she posted a video of her husband playing football on Instagram. Commenters immediately responded that the video was “embarrassing” and a “disaster” and suggested she “take this video down. The man has children.”

It did not seem Cavallari posted the video with an intent to embarrass her husband. It was the three minutes of footage from Cutler’s years with the Bears, to which his wife wrote: “Love watching my man do his thing.” However, as the video reflected Cutler’s career in Chicago, much of the three minutes showed interceptions, incompletions, losses and smirks.

Hours after the post went up, Cavallari responded to the comments, writing: “This was the best I could find.” Soon after she removed the video entirely and put up a photo of Cutler vacuuming naked. “This is way better than that video,” read the first comment up on the post. “Thank you.”

Meanwhile, Cutler remains one of the bigger names left on the free agent market, but most NFL insiders believe he will most definitely land with the Jets now.

“That seemed like an inevitable match already,” said ESPN’s Adam Schefter. “But now that we’ve all seen him naked, he’s at the exact same stage of his career as Brett Favre was when he was a Jet.”


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